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Shane Ellis - The Prince of Peace of Mind

"My name is Kevin Hindle, often called just ‘Prof’ (because I’m a professor – how original). I have had a great life including beating cancer once and now I have to fight it again. Because I love life, I know how important it is to face the fact that it ends. I learned a great lesson 30 years ago when my father was dying without any estate planning. The stress of getting a will, an estate plan and all the rest added a tremendous burden to the sheer grief of seeing him in his last painful days. I determined not to put my loved ones in the same situation.

Luckily, I found Shane Ellis about 10 years ago and have worked with him to put my estate in the best possible order for the benefit of my children and everyone else I wish to benefit after I’m gone. His expertise and professionalism in his field is of the highest caliber. So, up comes that trite phrase again: ‘peace of mind’. Having an organized estate, with an unambiguous will and every economically valuable item – especially real estate and superannuation – in the best possible order gives you a peace of mind, which is essential to the good life even though it is essentially about death. In a nutshell, Shane Ellis has given me that peace of mind. I shouldn’t say ‘given’ because his fees are substantial: but worth every penny, because once he’s in your corner, he fights your corner. And – cliché again – there is no price on peace of mind let alone the sheer satisfaction of knowing you will have done the best for your beneficiaries by not falling into the legion of tax traps, misunderstandings and mistakes which can so easily make your estate worth so much less than it could be to your loved ones.

For instance, his advice on SMSF estate planning will save E$150K in unnecessary taxes that would otherwise be payable by my SMSF when I die. His simple plan, which will be acted upon by my Financial Advisor, will legally put the E$150K into my kids’ pockets and not into the back pocket of the ATO. This will be a significant help to them going forward in life. So many people are unaware of issues such as this because they lack an adviser of Shane’s knowledge and acumen.

Oh, another thing. Shane and I have had more than a few laughs together along the journey. Thank you mate."

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