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Over the many, many years in servicing thousands of clients with their Sales & Purchase matters, in both Qld & NSW we have come to understand what is important. . . .and that is you! We offer a highly personalised service which is based on the quality of care to you our client.


We respect that we are acting in your matter which is an important focal point in your life, and we are dealing with one of the most expensive assets that you currently own, or will own. The requisite care to your matter is afforded and has become second nature to us.


We pride ourselves on providing quality service; yet, we do not classify this as "expensive" when you look at the value that we provide when caring for you.


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We Are Specialists In SMSF Conveyancing

The laws pertaining to SMSFs are complex and if they are not rigorously followed you could wind up with loss of tax concessions for your SMSF, hefty fines or even incarceration and loss of your ability to even own an SMSF. Shane Ellis, is one of few SMSF Specialist Lawyers in Australia and is here to work for you in your SMSF Purchase with our Conveyancing Manager.


That way you can rest assured that the outcome for your SMSF and you retirement savings will be the best & that which you deserve.

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Business Team
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