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Shane Ellis Proven Wrong!...Forced To Apologise!

You should never mistake confidence for arrogance or cock sureness,” my Mum often used to say to me when I was in my high school years. “Confidence is a gift, whereas arrogance and cocksureness is the tool of insecure pretenders.”

AND. . . time & again people have said to me when meeting me in person after I have spoken to an audience, that they thought I would be the stereotypical arrogant or cock sure lawyer instead of being the quiet and humble me. I simply apologise if I came across that way to them as it is my confidence on the topics I speak upon that they may be misconceiving as the seed for arrogance and cock sureness. I smile and agree that I guess I am wrongly stereotyped as to what a lawyer is in the public’s eyes. Too many TV law shows with type A cast members I suppose.

The Saga of Mary & Rose- Part 1
Download PDF • 416KB

The Saga of Mary & Rose- Part 2
Download PDF • 423KB

The Saga of Mary & Rose- Part 3
Download PDF • 422KB

The Myth of Maverick
Download PDF • 357KB

Round-To-It Estate Planning Checklist
Download PDF • 62KB

As always the dogs sum up the situation in an easy to understand way, we have helped 100's of clients this year already with their Estate Planning and Asset Protection needs. The biggest two pieces of advice I give to the audiences I speak to and clients we work with is:

"Procrastination is unfortunately not just the thief of time but also the robber of family wealth when the unexpected arrives for the unprepared!"

"Prevention is cheaper in the legal world than cure."

If we can assist you in anyway with your Legal needs please use the form below and we will get back to you as quickly as possible:


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