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Every Conversation About Death is Ultimately One About Life.

There are so many moving parts to making sure your estate planning and wealth protection is taken good care of.

You might have found that having an expert to call on is of tremendous benefit.

You might have also found that writing a Will and securing your assets is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Underneath the matter-of-fact approach lie the questions of life.

What are we here for? What happens when we're gone? What legacy do we leave behind? How do we want to live? How do we certainly not want to die?

Some answers to these questions are easy. Other answers are best to be accessed with a compassionate professional by your side.

My name is Manika and I'm here to support you through life's biggest and smallest moments, including the end of it.

My passion is to enable people to live a life worth dying from.

I delineate this into a system of four areas of services that are acutely important to.. well...everyone who breathes.

1. Heightening the experience of life

In life, the pursuit of optimal well-being is not merely a choice; it's an imperative when you realise that you have limited time here. It's about more than just physical fitness; it's a holistic endeavour aimed at heightening the experience of life itself. Personal training, Yoga, and Meditation are the cornerstones I use to offer extensive improvement in people's health and perception of self.

2. Planning for the living

Estate planning, Wills, and Healthcare Directives are crucial aspects of responsible life management. These tools allow us to take care of our loved ones even after we are gone, providing them with the financial security and guidance they may need. The list of documents is long, and it is as much mental labour as it is emotional – if not more. Getting it “right” can seem harrowing. An end-of-life planner can help streamline what needs to be done and bring clarity to what can be experienced as somewhat bureaucratic chaos.

3. Caring for the dying

When faced with terminal illness, the experience can be overwhelming for both the individual and for their loved ones. I offer diverse support tailored to your specific needs, relieving you of immense pressure with the aim to prevent caregiver burnout.

4. Supporting after death

Life for those surviving speeds up after death with numerous responsibilities to address. It is a whirlwind of tasks at potentially one of the hardest times of our lives. I provide ongoing support during that time, because the need for support doesn't end with the death of your loved one.

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I am glad to say all these different areas of Life Care will become more saturated in the future. Me & my colleagues, are working hard to make this the new normal.

Until then, I am one of few offering these services.

Find me here to learn more, reach out and have a yarn:

Or reach out directly via E-Mail:

There are so many ways to be supported in life and death. It was never meant to be done alone.

Written by Manika for Between Space


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