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A Happy Santa Time Gift For You!

A Happy Santa-Time GIFT for YOU from the Lawyers?

Happy hello – from Shane Ellis the legal practice Director of the Shane Ellis Legal Group Pty Ltd. I have invested a lifetime helping people protect their wealth and life’s hard work, but what about our kids' futures? Hmmm?, well that is now FIXED SOLVED SORTED DONE too because...I am the proud sponsor of a phone app that will help our kids, our grandkids – maybe even us adults to be Healthy- Fit- Strong-Happy little and big folks for a lifetime.

Please accept my gift of this is personal introduction to the…


(& yes because I am a lawyer I have confirmed that it is Fully KidSafe Approved -

I know Lawyers are not known for doing things for free or for giving gifts! But it is Santa-Time! So as proud sponsors and supporters of the children’s playtime, The Fun Farm App, we are giving the Fun Farm App as a Santa Time gift to the special Parents, Grandparents, Friends and Clients in our lives. We trust and believe you want to choose to invest wisely in the successful future and the health, fitness, and well-being of our children – THANK YOU!

The Fun Farm ETHOS is "Every child is unique, an individual, and has their own genius. The Fun Farm is focused on every child achieving their genius, whatever that may be."

This KidSafe program inspires children every day to join in amazing playtime to laugh, lift, learn, and huff puff, and is based on science, common sense, logic and is the overview of the entire MAX International Colleges Fitness Business Diploma, made simple for little children to understand; coupled with the guidance and teachings of an International Yoga Master, Ellen Manika: and the lifelong studies in human excellence of Shane Ellis, who has Masters Qualifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a Certificate in Kinesiology, and is also a postgraduate top level Exercise Professional.

We want our children to be healthy and happy - fit, strong and stay that way for a lifetime!! I am sure you do too! My personal Thank You from Shane Ellis – Yes a lawyer who gives gifts xx

Download the FUN FARM APP, as our SANTA-TIME Gift for the children in your life

P.S. – I know Christmas is the time of giving so can I please ask a very special favour from you? Please share the content of this email with as many family, friends and colleagues as you can so that the APP can be provided to as many little kids as possible this Christmas. Please forward this email, or cut & paste and re-word it as you wish! . . .& Thank You once again!


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